Newbie question .part on file copying

Hey guys!

I have a question. When I copy files between two folders (Dolphin), it first creates .part file on destination, and then renames it to original filename. Now that behaviour is great, except on my Samba rename is disabled by permissions, so naturally it fails (leaving me with unrenamed *.part file). Is there a way to disable this behavior?

Also, is it KDE, Dolphin or what? (Asking because I copy from Dolphin, but status is running on notification tray).


I can’t answer the first question. As far as the notification issue, if you disable and/or remove notifications from the system tray then Dolphin will use it’s own internal copy/move dialog. or you can go into the Status and Notifications settings and disable “Track file transfer and other jobs” by deselecting it via the radio button.

Aha, so, does this mean with notifications enabled, it is KDE who manages file copy/move, not Dolphin?

It’s not called KDE anymore, but no, the KF5 subsystems handle file transfers as did the KDE subsystems before, it’s only the interface that you see that changes when notification are tracking file transfers. KDE SC 4 and Dolphin also had this same behavior, it only the default setting that have changed in Plasma 5.

Aha, so, the behavior is handled by KF5, which means I should look for framework settings to disable it…

Not exactly, go to the system tray and right click on notifications, next select Notifications Settings, and disable “Track file transfer and other jobs”, then log out and back in for it to take effect. You should now get the old style KIO dialog for copy/move/delete again.

I just tried it, and no, the problem remains, and there is no setting on KIA dialog regarding partial file. In fact, it still says “copying file.txt to file.txt”, but actually creates “file.txt.part”, and then utterly fails to rename it.

Any further thoughts?

Keep in mind that on Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) we are using newer plasma 5 / KF5 packages than Netrunner 15 (Ubuntu) has. However, that should have started to use the old KIO dialog. I’m not sure why the .part files are not being renamed though, this might be a Netrunner 15 (K/Ubuntu) bug, or a configuration issue.

Ok if renaming is not supported there seems to be no other way with the kio.

I know why files are not being renamed - permission issue on Samba server. Question is: is there a way to prevent Ubuntu from making *.part file first, and copy file.txt to file.txt, not to file.txt.part ?

Renaming is supported. It’s just that I’d like to turn it off.

Renaming is supported. It’s just that I’d like to turn it off.[/quote]

This is not possible