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\/\/Newbie,simple hello


Hi there, this Distro might be mine…I’ll give it a try !
All the best
(French dude coming from Mageia7+xfce)


Welcome and see you around!


This really is a very nicely-engineered KDE distribution! I’ve used KDE off-and-on over the years (since the days of Mandrake) and it’s always seemed beautiful but sluggish even on relatively well-specified machines. Netrunner 19.08 has installed flawlessly on quite recent, well-resourced but entry-level AMD Ryzen 5 2400G hardware and has run responsively and so far stably, dual-booting with Indigo on one half and Bullseye (Testing) on the other half of an M.2 SSD. I love that it’s straight from Debian Buster. Well done, good people and thank you. D