Next version


Is a next version planned after 13.06 : we are at the end of 2013 ?


The next version is planned to be released this year.

Thks for your answer

Will the next be supported long term? and what major changes will it have? Thanks

Is it normal there is no announcement, no alpha or beta : we are at the end of the year ?
I guess the next version will be based on Ubuntu 13.10 ?


The next version will be based on 13.10. As Ubuntu does not offer LTS for this we will unfortunately also not offer an LTS here.
Major changes include newer Ubuntu base (13.10) which includes newer kernel, newer Xorg and drivers. Improved theming and some other goodies and additions to the default software are planned.
We will announce more when we actually release the system.

Yes it is normal. I guess there will be a beta announcement as soon as we reach beta status.

Yes this is true.

Thanks Pierre! You guys are doing a wonderful job. I think this is probably the best linux distro out there. Do you have any plans to to go commercial?

Keep up the good work.

Will I be able to ugrade from verssion 13.06 to 13.12?

Yes you will with the stable version wich will be available within a few days. There will be a script.

Cf here it will be announced

I hope to include in the 13.12 kernel 3.12.5, KDE 4.12 and LibreOfficce + Wine and PlayOnLinux

Its unlikely for us to maintain ourown kernel. The same goes for KDE and Libreoffice.