No audio

I have Netrunner (both versions…) running on a few PCs.

One PC is a pain.

If I try out the rolling release, I have no sound. (All device manager tells me is that it is Realtec HD Audio. This surprised me because it is a fairly common card.

If I try out the Ubuntu based release, it won’t support my Artheos 9485 Wifi adapter.

My Laptop is an Asus X551CA-FH91-CB

Does anyone know how to fix either of these problems with the respective releases?

PS - I am a Noobie to Linux.


For the sound issue did you check if it wasn’t just muted somewhere. Maybe it also uses a wrong sound output by default. Did you test your sound with vlc or the kde multimedia test ? If the last then please try vlc as there seems to be a library missing for the kde multimedia sound test to work out of the box.

As for the network problem on ubuntu base here are some suggestions that you might want to try out:

Leszec - Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am for some reason more comfortable with the Ubuntu based release because I have flirted with those kind of Distributions over the years. (BTW - Netrunner is the best implementation of KDE I have ever seen!!! And quite frankly I LOVE KDE.)

I have read over the posts but my problem is that Netrunner (and any distro based on Ubuntu…) doesn’t recognize my AR9845 card at all!!!

Funny thing is that it is a fairly common card and it has been around for a couple of years.

I was going to try the Windows Wireless drivers facility in Netrunner. I went to the Qualcom sight and I must admit I couldn’t find the driver. I went to Asus sight (it was worse…)

Any other ideas??? (This is my development computer and I am going to try to port a .NET application to mono…)