NO GRUB on boot.

tried first kubuntu plasma 5 and after that manjaro kde plasma. all have some crashes and stabilty issues.

Netrunner 16 is best so far in terms of stability and without any problems and also very awesome and simplistic in looks. this is what i wanted in OS.

i have no problems in boot. only issue is where my grub interface. i cant find grub. it directly boots into netrunner logo.

i used sudo grub-install /dev/sda

it shows installation finished and no error reported. but when i reboot no grub and starts with logo,

is this a bug ?? Please need some instructions to repair.

If that doesn’t work, boot into a live CD and download Grub Repair. Works a treat.

Grub is there but if Netrunner 16 is the only system installed it will not show the menu but boot straight into the OS.
Pressing Shift or Escape right after the BIOS/UEFI Splash several times should reveal the boot menu however.

oops!!!. :stuck_out_tongue: u r right. i have only one system thats y no grub.

many thanks.