No Headset Sound

Well, I was going to listen to a meditation with my headset and … NO sound! I tried un-plugging and plugging back in… but nothing. I tried rebooting. I looked in settings and have no clue why there is no sound coming through my headset. Regular speaker sound works, though.

I had run Kubuntu before installing this OS and did not have this issue.

Have you tried changing to headphones in Audio Setup?

If that works then It might just be that pulse audio is not setup for auto jack sensing.
as root open up /etc/pulse/ and remove the comment mark on this line:
load-module module-switch-on-port-available

now save and restart pulse audio:

pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio --start

Headphones are not listed unless they are plugged in and you are playing an audio. Then they appear in the list. And Yes, they work in that way. So, I will try your code.

EDIT: After I ran your code, now headphones are not in the list and do not work. So, I logged out and back in and now it works. But I should say that this OS has crashed on me several times. I set the audio and then tried to log out and it crashed before finally logging out.

May I ask how did you burn the ISO, and did you check the md5sum against it?
Also note that this is now a hybrid ISO, you need to use a utility that writes it in raw format to your usb media. This mean NO Unetbootin is not a viable option any longer. Yes, the resulting media might boot, and seem to install ok, however you’ll have all kinds of various and unpredictable issues after each installation using it. This is mostly due to the installer not copying the files properly and/or the file permissions being set wrong on the target drive.

The recommended utilities would be dd or suse imagewriter on Linux and Windows or win32diskimager on windows only.

Hi JakkHakk,

normally you should be able to Right-Click on the systray “Volume” icon, choose “Sound Volume Settings” -> Output Devices and change it to “headphones” from that list. Over here “headphones” are always listed, regardless of being plugged in or not.