No sound after install.

No sound after fresh install of 17 horizon 64bit.
running a gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h mb.
quad core amd - 8 gig ram
nvidia graphics

using on-board realtec hi def audio.
plugged into jack on card.
have speakers in my ben-q monitor and have hdmi hookup for that.
no sound hdmi or analog.

Running multi-boot setup Win7 - Mint 17.3 cinnamon - Elementary 0.32 - Netrunner17

no sound.
Updated Netrunner 17
still no sound

checked all audio set ups I could find and they all appear right. can not get any sound system or otherwise.
no sound on tests in settings.

Sound works fine right out of box in everything but netrunner 17.

I see no answers in forums.
am I missing something easy?

is this just me? or effecting others?
any ideas?
all help much appreciated.

Can you check the alsamixer in the terminal. You might need to start it with the right card number to not only get the mixer for pulseaudio.
So either use the F6 switch card option or start with

alsamixer -c1

(example for card 1)

See if the volume is turned up on all mixers and no mixer is muted.
Muting/Unmuting is done via m key on the keyboard.

Hope you get it working.

Did the alsamixer -c1 and it kept going back to default when I set correct soundcard.
I had already checked the mute . It was not muted. I tried a few things for several hours playing with it and ended up breaking it a bit, lol

So, did a fresh install as that was easiest at this point to start again from scratch.
Then went into console and pulled up alsamixer settings again as you suggest.
it was set to an incorrect default again. (HDMI sound instead of my alc889a hi def realtec/sb onboard)
Set it to correct card ( that was in fact showing as an option btw)
dropped console and it still seemed not to work.
Opened VLC and picked an mkv off HD. no sound. Set it correctly in audio options in VLC and bingo! Now it works in VLC and the mixer settings in alsa changed and look correct now too.
I have not checked other software like playing mp3’s and system sounds and such YET. But will and report back.
BUT HEY…getting there. :smiley:

Gonna do the updates l8r tonight. Hope it doesn’t break the sound again.

THANK YOU for your reply & help.