No sound in browsers and YouTube doesn't work.

So, a while back I was using KDE on an Ubuntu derivative named Hybryde. Sometimes it would have this problem where sound wouldn’t work in any browsers, (as only, “Master,” would show up in Volume, & not anything else such as the audio coming from said browsers,) & YouTube videos would go directly into, “An error has occurred.” This problem would happen sometimes, but not all the time.

Now I’m using Netrunner & it’s happening all the time. Also, the system sounds are pretty low, even though, “Master,” is set to maximum volume.


EDIT: &, yes, I’m pretty sure these 2 issues are related, believe it or not.

Open the mixer and set the PCM / Front or others higher for a louder sound. For systemnotifications you can also set the sound volume in the systemsettings.
As for the main problem. Normally dmix in alsa should have no problem in playing multiple sounds through your soundcard.
If you don’t have an intel soundcard you might want to try out installing pulseaudio and see if it works better with it instead of using alsa directly.