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No update since a very long time


Since, I believe at least three month, there is no update for my system. I’m using netrunner 19.01. - blackrunner.

Is that coorect? Or do I miss something?




Do you have Debian Stable repository activated?
How does your repo list look like?


Hi, thank you for your answer.

My repo list looks like this

apt-cache policy | grep http | awk ‘{print $2 $3}’ | sort -u

And what do you mean by “Do you have Debian Stable repository activated?” Should I do this? And I don’t hav such a repo … Should I have?




Netrunner 19.01 can be run as is if you want to. It however will never get updates as long as you don’t activate the debian testing repo or add the debian stable repo. This is different to the release and update model of Netrunner 19.08 which is using Debian Stable and automatically gets updates from it.
19.01 is based upon a snapsbot of Debian Testing (before it became stable).
If you want to upgrade to stable you need to add the stable repository of Debian.
You can do so by copying the Debian testing repo line and replacing the word testing with stable.