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no xrandr was shipped



congrats for saving 20 kbytes and making it very hard to get even the screen resolution right.

why not leave out “bash” too? no one uses “bash” !


Plasma 5’s kscreen package depends on the libkscreen package, which in turn depends on the libxrandr package, but none of these depend on the binary package xorg-xrandr.

If the xorg-xrandr package was installed on previous versions of our ISO, then it had to have been either installed as dependency of another package, or there has been a change in upstream packaging. I do however know, that we have never had the xorg-xrandr package explicitly installed on any of our Netrunner Rolling ISO’s.


OKay - so you’re not to blame at all, but it still might make sense to ship xrandr with a distro, since else people might be turned off totally that the screen is so bloody garbled.


A garbled screen usually means there is either a hardware, or a sofware (driver) issue.
This means that if for some reason your resolution and/or refresh rates are not being detected properly by grub, the kernels drivers (drm), mesa, and/or the xorg server, then the former is probably true. Forcing a resolution and/or mode using xrandr is only a temporary stop gap solution at best, the actual issue needs to be found.


OK, well I meant: a screen set to minimum resolution like 320x240 pixels which is annoying to operate. sry for unclear description of the symptom. I appreciate your helpfulness.

There is a package named AutoRANDR but I’m not sure is is 100% effective


Again, if somewhere along the line your vesa information (DDC / EDID) is not being sent, and/or received, by your hardware, then this is a much more serious issue than you seem to want to acknowledge. Using randr to correct such things, is NOT, a solution to failing hardware/firmware.

Simply put, your monitor should be giving your GPU it’s default optimal resolution to use, your GPU should then be passing this information off to the system (drivers/gui) to use as well. If your system is not working this way, then there is a hardware/firmware issue…