Not connecting to my iPad

Ok, so I have Netrunner installed and it’s so great to be back on Linux. I’m very impressed… but is it completely incompatible with Apple products? I have my iPad hooked up to my laptop via usb, and the iPad keeps asking if I can trust the computer. I say “trust” and the a notification pops up on my laptop screen asking if I want to import photos or open with file manager. Whichever one I pick, nothing ever shows up and the whole cycle starts over on the iPad.
Solutions? Thanks in advance!

It seems that either the iPad is still not trusting your computer or the connection cannot be established because of not well supported usb drivers for apple products.
I would recommend installing a third party software that allows sharing files via wireless lan on your iPad. (it may need a rooted device though).
If you only want to share music you could try see if clementine can access the ipads music library. If not you can try out gtkpod or other ipad synchronisation tools.
I am not an apple expert on linux but I guess there are tons of documentations out there on how to establish a connection between ipad and linux machine. It may be worthwile checking a few of them.