Now I'm just completely confused.

:huh: We had to say goodbye to Netrunner based on Kubuntu and were presented with Maui as a replacement for Netrunner 18. Got it. But today I see at the top of the site a Netrunner Desktop drop menu listing Maui based on Neon (Netrunner 18) and also Netrunner 19 based on Debian. So is Maui based on Neon dead and gone already? Are they going to be maintaining 2 separate distros (and if so why do they have Maui listed as Netrunner 18 and the Debian one as Netrunner 19)? I can’t find any info about why there are now 2 different ones or why I’d want one over the other or if they are both going to continue or one is replacing the other or, well, anything at all. I’m so confused that I don’t even know where to post this! Could someone who understands please explain?

No need to worry:
Both Maui and soon to be released Netrunner Desktop based on Debian stable are going to be continued.
We will remove the Link for “Netrunner 18 aka Maui” shortly, but for now like to point Netrunner Ubuntu users to it.

So Netrunner =all Debian stable
Maui = Ubuntu via Neon, since its the successor of Netrunner Kubuntu.

Hope its a bit clearer now. :slight_smile:

Not really. What is Netrunner Debian for if Maui is the replacement for the old Netrunner?

Debian and Ubuntu are imo two (slightly) different use cases and target audiences, a bit like LMDE vs Mint Ubuntu variants.

For beginners just starting with Linux, I think Ubuntu is still one of the best platforms to go, while more experienced users with slightly less home oriented use cases could opt for Debian based systems. There also wont be a Core Edition for Maui Linux, as was requested by some users before to set up their own use cases from a reduced base. Also, the Core is available for Odroid C1 arm, which is easier to do for more exotic architectures since Debian has them covered pretty well (hence Raspbian, etc.).

So it’s just 2 different distros, for no particular reason, that happen to be put out by the same people? Sounds like Maui will be the most like my beloved Netrunner so I guess I’ll stick with that once KDE gets Wacom working on Plasma 5. Can’t do much without that. If I decided to use a Debian distro, I’d probably go back to SolydK. Is there going to be anything particularly different about Netrunner Debian that would make me, or others, choose it over other Debian+kde distros?

I guess I am just the wrong person to ask that :slight_smile:

LOL, ok then I will have to wait and see what others have to say. Probably Maui will be the better choice for me, anyway. I was just curious what niche you were trying to fill with the new Debian version. Thanks for the answers. I guess I won’t need to hang out here much longer since Maui has a whole new website. Feels kinda :frowning:

Yeah, we all felt it was a tough decision to make, but to strengthen Netrunner as a brand for the future we had to make a cut, as with simply adding a “third base edition” which also branches out into ARM C1 etc. the Netrunner brand was becoming quite overloaded…
To keep it simple, we split everything Debian into Netrunner and so far switched Ubuntu to Maui, which will become the more everyday Linux brand.
Though both are connected by the team behind it and I think both will get its fans. :slight_smile: