NR-16: The king is back!

I´m yet here as a reader and this is me first posting and will be my last. I just want say: I love NR-16! Many of my friends leaved KDE and went to Cinnamon because of the standard menus. And now? Wow! Indeed: The King of DE is back! Although it´s not for older machines but using a today standard PC with 4 or 8 gb ram and quadcore heart: Wow! See how the liveiso performs. Great! It´s the bettest distro now! I´l also be back soon. You made me and friends very happy. THANK you guys! Best regards.

Thank you ama for your kind words!
On some older machine, give the 32bit version a try with XRender mode:

well I tried cinnamon and MATE and I never understood what the fuss is about.

cinnamon sucks at the face of it, let’s be honest.

mate is more legit, but only because the KDE “help” system (so-called) is well … junk.

so if KDE put some real muscle to make KDE help system like REAL USEFUL, no one would ever touch on anything else.

Netrunner 16 is awesome. My thanks to the dev team. I’ve been distro-hopping for the last week (been using Mint the last couple years) and have found a new home. I wish I had tried Netrunner long ago.