Numlock ON or OFF

I just remembered another small nuisance - each and every time I start my computer and log in to desktop my numlock key is turned off! I want my numlock to be turned ON always and OS should remember that it was ON and leave it like that!

Never had problem with this on other distributions…

You can set this up in the systemsettings -> input devices -> keyboard

Thanks! It works if I select ‘Turn on’ but it doesn’t work if ‘Leave unchanged’ is selected although last change was turning it on… :slight_smile: Also generic 101-key keyboard profile was automatically selected but I’m pretty sure my keyboard has more than 101 key - doesn’t really matter but just saying…

One other thing is that update server was set to main server (US) and not to local nearest server by default. I’m in EU so I changed it to nearest server to get less lag and faster speed. That is supposed to be configured automatically during installation based on user info.

These are all small tweaking things not that much relevant but I’m just letting you know in case you’re perfectionists like me :smiley: