Nurunner: A Netrunner Rolling fork

Update: 16.12 has been released, which includes Plasma 5.8.5 and Linux 4.9. You can download it at

Greetings all,

It appears that Netrunner Rolling is not going to be continued, at least not in its current form, so I have forked it and produced a new distro. I call it Nurunner (new-runner). It is largely the same as vanilla Netrunner, with the following differences:

  • Updated all packages on the ISO
  • Changed Firefox custom configuration to use uBlock, rather than Adblock Plus.
  • Full theme update. Nurunner now uses the theme from Maui Linux.
  • Added splash screen on login.
  • All new Nurunner wallpapers
  • Skype Linux client is no longer included.
  • Updated Calamares to 2.4.5
  • Now at Kernel 4.9.x

You can download Nurunner 16.12 from

While largely based on code and configurations pulled from various Netrunner Github pages, it should be kept in mind that this is not a Blue Systems release and it pulls its configs from a new repo.

I intend on releasing new ISOs every month or two, depending on package updates.

Issues can be reported through Github.

Thanks for trying it out!

Posted over at the Manjaro General section. And LAS & KDE sub-reddits.

Cmon, instead of forking Manjaro’s fork - Netrunner into new fork Nurunner /fork, while forking = BOOM :slight_smile: / why don’t you contact Manjaro’s KDE team and join them, so together we make Manjaro KDE even better :wink:
Just a friendly thought
Congrats :slight_smile:

My servers are now burning through bandwidth at an alarming rate. Thank you! :smiley:

Seconded! Netrunner Rolling is hands-down my favorite Arch-based distro. If it cannot continue, I’d rather go upstream to a more stable distro. If the nifty Netrunner styling could be preserved under Manjaro I’d rather switch to it. Will there at least be an upgrade path to Manjaro?