Nvidia drivers and OpenGL


Thanks for this beautiful and very friendly linux distro but I’ve got some problems with the nvidia drivers and also opengl. I’ve installed with SPM nvidia-319, nvidia-319-settings and nvidia-319-updates but the Nvidia X Server doesn’t want to work so i suppose it’s not working as in My Computer only the intel 2d driver is detected. Also, when running a gamr from Wine, it’s reporting that the opengl32 librarie are not detected.

Can I get some help with these issues please?


Why is a intel driver in use when you have a nvidia card ? Is it a integrated intel card with nvidia for gaming chip ?
This is badly supported on linux in general. The only thing I know is that you need bumblebee for this.
The wine opengl32 library problem should only occur on 64bit systems and should dissappear with installing bumblebee I guess.

After researching further it seems my optimus-enabled nVidia card isn’t recognized by the linux drivers and the proprietary nVidia drivers requires too much tickering for my knowledge level of linux. I guess the most I could achieve is disabling the dedicated card completely while on Netrunner using the bumblebee tool.

Thanks for the answer, leszek.

P.S.: The opengl32 issue was solved by uninstalling the nVidia packages and reinstalling the mesa gl package.