Hello everyone!
I am new here :slight_smile: just istalled Netrunner on my new notebook.

Is really a cool distro!! But… i have a little problem with my video card.
It is an Nvidia geforce 650m and i will like to install the right drivers for it.

I am unable to install from the driver downloaded from the nvidia site, i have an error incompatibility with noveau something…

Somebody can help me? thanks very much!

Have you tried using Netrunner’s build in driver installer? Go to main menu > system > additional drivers. If that doesn’t solve the problem try googling for similar issues with Ubuntu Linux, e.g.:
If Ubuntu has a permanent problem with them, then Netrunner will have it as well.

For installing the nvidia driver from the site you need to first boot with the nomodeset boot option that you can enter in the linux line of the grub bootloader by pressing e on the netrunner boot entry

Cool thanks very much! i will try the nomodeset option as soon as i can.

I will let you know :slight_smile:

hum… look like is more difficult than i was thinking… boot with the e key give me an error…
nomodeset is an unknow command…
and search for any additionall driver too…

thanks to everyone!