obscure netrunner

how come netrunner is not very well known? from my point of view it’s the best distro out there but it’s only got a page hit ranking of 66 on distrowatch.

Distrowatch page hit ranking is irrelevant imho.

oh thats a shame i thought the ranking would count for something lol :stuck_out_tongue:

hi gits34,

I wouldn’t say DW Ranking is irrelevant, it surely indicates how the distros relate to each other at least from DW page.
What leszek probably meant is that a distro can regard the ranking irrelevant with regards to the makers of the distro feel it is nonetheless worth a cause or they are doing fine.
If a distro has multiple versions, like let’s pick Snowlinux, and often “advertises” its releases and even pre-releases on the frontpage, the ranking surely is much higher than Netrunner, which hits the frontpage exactly every 6 months average once.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the Snowlinux versions by itself are more popular than Netrunner KDE version.
Also, if you combine all Ubuntu variants like Kubuntu+Lubuntu+Xubuntu , etc. you would see that they far surpass LinuxMint, which does have all their versions counted as one…just saying.

Cool it seems to me though if you were looking for an alternate OS Linux distro you’re more likely to come across Ubuntu or Linux Mint than any of the other, maybe based on which distro is more popular at the time.

this is the most linux distro that i liked :smiley:

yep ubuntu on drugs lol

Anybody really interested in getting a windows replacement cos 8 suks. Will do as I did and distro hop for a few months, maybe a year. Eventually they will find Netrunner and stay put.

I now mention it on all forums I post on and recommend it to all asking me about which linux to install. If we all do that, the numbers in here will grow and when people look around at the forums they will find the single best KDE implementation on the net.

I’ve wondered about this myself. It seems some people view it is being simply a “remix distro”, which I suppose in a sense it is, but to write it off there and miss out on this amazing distro is surely a mistake.

Give it time, who knows, Netrunner could become one of the most popular distros out there in a few years. Or maybe not, but I hope it’ll at least still be around because this distro is incredible.

Given Canonical’s withdrawal of official support for Kubuntu, and Blue System’s support for both Linux Mint KDE and Netrunner, in a few years there might come a rebranding of Kubuntu/LMKDE/Netrunner as a single distro. Whatever its name, I’ll use it.