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Octopi and Pamac password difference


Changed my admin password yes that went OK,rebooted
checked if new password was enabled by opening KDE partition manager yes good,
go to Octopi to synchronize typed in new password no good still wants the old password,
do a second time change admin password so now old and new password same right, rebooted, Octopi still wont accept new password, OK not good.
opened pamac went to delete a HP printer app entered password and password worked in pamac and does NOT work in Octopi,
Just thought you might like to know about this luckily have got pamac before making changes.
I’m not sure if there is something else I should have done (( nothing else comes into mind) doesn’t sound right does it)
I’ll use pamac for now.
Thanks for reading.

forgot to mention I’m using newly installed 1904 NetrunnerRolling


Could it be that one app is asking for the root password and the other one for the sudo password?
In this case you need to change the password of root aswell.


Yes, Octopi uses kdesu (su/sudo), Pamac uses polkit, and Partitionmanager uses kpmcore (which in turn uses kauth).

Are you using the new pamac-qt front end for pamac?
If yes, how has your experience been with it?


Thanks for the replies

I’m using only the one password that why I thought it might fall into the odd behavior category, will change root password as well, Thanks for that.

Octopi, Pamac and Partionmanager didn’t know all that, thanks for explaining,

yes using the pamac-qt and now it’s settled in it’s good at first it crashed a quite a few times, seemed to crash on when getting the details option only, cannot reproduce that on call only happens at random and with only some of aur apps mostly ‘details options’, overall it’s real good.

Thank you both.


Update on pamac use,
right mouse (paste etc)is not active in the search box in pamac,
Octopi is working the mouse fine.