Octopi password

I suspect the following problem is related but I am not sure. When trying to synchronize the database in Octopi, the kdesu application locks up when I input my root password.

I am able to login as root from the console and Octopi that way but it seems I should be able to do so without accessing the command line. Is this related or a separate issue?

Okay–I figured it out. I was trying to use my root password instead of my user password. ALl is well. However, it would be helpful to be prompted for a specific password (root or user) rather than just being prompted with “Please enter your password.” I am probably the only one who tried to enter a root password so perhaps it is not an issue at all. I suppose the logic is that the only password that it is referencing is the user password. I may be mistaken but I think Octopi has prompted me for my root password in other distributions, including Manjaro, in the past. Thanks for a promising distribution and I wish success for all involved.–falcon40

Well, to be fair. This is one of the reasons why we have “use the same password”, set by default for the root account in Netrunners Calamares (Installer). Besides, that message box is from upstream Plasma, we didn’t write it.

AJSlye–Thank you for the comment and further explanation. It has helped me better understand how things work in Netrunner and why. Additionally, it is good to be reminded of the various components of KDE/Plasma and their authors. Netrunner is a purposeful distribution combining kernel, utilities, desktop and applications resulting in a smooth and polished final product. Thanks for the great effort by you and others.–falcon40