Odd desktop behaviours after fresh install

Fresh install of the latest Netrunner Rolling as of today.
I have to admit that I was torturing myself with another distro for a long while, and finally returned to Netrunner (I missed you Baby).
The desktop is behaving oddly. By that I mean it is not minimizing or maximizing windows properly and a few other oddities. Frequently, if minimize or close a window, its image stays on the screen, sometimes with large blocks of it missing. Closing will result in a flickering, but the window looks like it is still there, but of course not responsive. At other times, maximizing a window from the taskbar will not work. It stays completely minimized, whether I click left-click to try and bring it up, or right-click and select Maximize.
Often, parts of these ghost windows will have blocks missing, exposing the wallpaper beneath. This is frequent when trying to switch between windows. In addition, sometimes while scrolling in a window, such as a browser, that window flickers and even turns blank (white).

At the moment I have Discover minimized while updating, and when I am lucky enough to see it when I try to mximize or switch to it, portions are missing. Blocks are not present and look like boxes I can see through to whatever is behind. I assume it is still updating, but as I can’t see parts of it, I am going on faith. :slight_smile:

I really don’t know what logs to check regarding this, if that would even help.

Some details that might help. ??
It is a cheap HP laptop, about 6 years old with the AMD Fusion chip. These don’t happen with other distros. No offense in that please, it’s just a comparison, I enjoy Netrunner and am guessing any troubles I have are a package and/or just a few tweeks away. :slight_smile:
Within the "Compositor area of settings, defaults are at, Scale method = crisp, Rendering backend = OpenGL 2.0, Open GL interface = GLX, and Tearing prevention = Automatic. I am tempted to mess with these, but think that my own f$%king around would only make matters worse. I am unsure what else to provide that might help.

I looked in Octopi for something AMD or ATI related but couldn’t seem to see a solution there.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading all this.

Quick update. Found that Wrestler (Radeon HD 6310), ATI video catalyst shows both “Open-Source” and “Installed” unchecked. Video ATI, both checked, and video-vesa opensource is checked, but not “Installed”.

Yes, that means your running the proprietary ATI/AMD Catalyst drivers.
You should use the catalyst control center to make changes to that driver.

If you wish to use the opensorce radeon driver please use mhwd to switch, using any other method will render the system unstable.

Note: The GUI for mhwd is integrated into system settings.