open testing

Hi there :slight_smile:

Netrunner attracted my attention in the last wonderfully Days:

Kubuntu and Manjaro count in my experience to one of the more buggy KDE distributions.

How can it be, that Netrunner makes such a huge Difference, while it use exactly the same repository’s,
just with a few exceptions ?

Netrunner offers a lot of ideas which i really love, like the easy system settings menu, the fact, that there is one rolling and one stable release, the unique design, a proper selection of the pre-installed software, the pure focus on KDE and front in the row, the excellent beginner friendliness. I think already about a own release, based on 2 other distros, with nearly the same meaning as Netrunner.

This seems to be redundant now :wink:

To guarantee the current stability and increase it maybe, i suggest to release internal test iso`s to the Community, here in the Forums and/or somewhere else.

A Tutorial, how the crowd can help the team so good as possible with this tests, can be also a good idea.

I hope, i will be able to help and find a home here.

What i can offer are translations from english into german and maybe the maintenance for a german subforum.

Hi Shalok and thanks for offering help!
We will make 32bit Beta version available as soon as its ready.
But we need to convert Kubuntu 14.04 completely first before making it available as an unfinished version.
You are then welcomed to help testing and providing feedback.

A german subforum - a good idea.:):angel:

Whats up ? :angel: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums Shalok Shalom.