Open With

As a Netrunner newbie I wish to associate Libre Office Calc to open my spreadsheets, as well as all the other Libre types.
If I copy a spreadsheet to Desktop and double-click it will open properly. If I try to open directly from Documents it asks me with which program to “Open With”, If I save a Spreadsheet after opening on Desktop then move to my Document folder it again asks me for the Open With even though it opened automaticaly from thre Desktop. Google has not been kind to me on this one so any help is appreciated.


Can you right click on the specific file and go to properties and set the default application to open this filetype.
It should then work (normally libreoffice registers itself as spreadsheet reading app and if its the only one it is used automatically).

Clicking on propeties =file associations I get LibreOfice Calc as the one.
In Open With box I enter LibreOffice Calc Enter but letters dissapear and it wants something else.
Entering scalc does the same. Click on folder and it asks for an executable with entire file system
shown. Where do I look for the executable, in which folder? This is getting a who;e lot complicated
for an OS that is supposed to be easy to move to from that other one!

FURTHER== I am using Xfe- should have said that before! Tried using dolphin again and guess what- works perfectly so the file association problem is with Xfe instead. Any Xfe experts around please?