This has got to be one the very few that don’t contain Opera in the repository.

Why isn’t Opera included in the repository?

I even checked all repository links just to see if it would then be available. Nope!

i think then ubuntu nor kubuntu does have it in default repo?
netrunner has taken up firefox-kde, so that is the default choice.
here is how to add it directly from opera:

While it is possible (and not too hard) to install Opera on Ubuntu and derivatives, it is proprietary, closed-source software, and hence not available for inclusion in regular package repositories.

I’m not sure why it isn’t in the Ubuntu ‘partner’ repository, but instead you can follow the instructions at http://deb.opera.com/

Well, Mint includes it in their repository.

We’ll include it with next release, too.

Cool… I do use Firefox as a main browser, but I like Opera for watching movies and other misc. stuff.
Opera doesn’t seem to run out of memory as fast as firefox. Opera is good for that and is a good back-up.

Oh this would be Nice… Ive not used Opera in years but it used to be one of my
fav ones…
Im not a big firefox fan…
I currently use Chromium but if Opera is still as fast as it used to be and I can install
it on here I might give it a try again :slight_smile:

Opera is great choice for laptop with mobile internet. Opera have Turbo mode www.opera.com/turbo‎

Opera NEXT heave WebKit Engine.

I think is a good choice for distro.