Oxygen transparent

Hi all.
I have been searching online for a week now trying to find a way to install oxygen transparent. I started with mint kde, then to Ubuntu, now to Netrunner. I want to donate to what ever distro I will be able to theme with transparent. I don’t understand why I can’t find anything current about installing the theme style, every how to is a release or more old, and nothing works. Please help, Netrunner looks cool looking strait out of the box, I’m vary superficial when it comes to os,s just want custom everything, boot screen/sounds, clear/glowing windows. Any reply will be much appreciated.

As far as I can see the oxygen-transparent theme is only compatible up to KDE SC 4.10. So it might not work with KDE SC 4.11 . (I am not sure as I did only check their kde-look.org website)
At least there seems to be no binary package available so you need to compile it yourself.
See the kde-look.org site here: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/oxygen-transparent?content=127752

Thank you for the reply Leszek. At least now I know it’s not that I am doing something wrong.
I followed all the instructions at KDE look, but just get errors. Thanks anyway Leszek. Peace.

This page http://pmrb.net/blog/2013/07/07/netrunner-os-13-06-an-amazing-gnulinux-distribution/
Shows 13.06 working with oxygen transparent. How is this posible?

Just ask him, I guess he got it compiled somehow?
We might do something similar for 14.06, but replacing oxygen widget decoration (not the window decoration, which is easy) is a bit tricky, as KDE is very well tuned to it.

Yeh your right, I wrote the message then had to log in, then the message disappeared(some times I think the computer gods have cused me):confused:

This did work
But then the theme manager was was broken(just the bit that let’s you download other peoples pretty colors) anyway I was stocked, because I could just install the one theme I wanted from the terminal(ghost) but after a reboot I got a box message that said something along the lines of “you broke it again”.

Short answer long, yeh I will just ask him. Thanks for the replies, I’m a super noob( obviously) so its kinda cool having computer gurus helping out with my computer curse.