Oxymentary Icons

I could be wrong about this but I seem to remember that the Oxymentary Icon Set was included in a previous version of Netrunner. I don’t seem to be able to find this Icon Set in Netrunner 14, perhaps it goes by a different name now?

The Oxymentary Icon Set is a Gnome icon set, built from the standard oxygen Icons.

Yes, that’s the one, thanks.
Perhaps it could be included in the next release? :wink:

There is no need for it, those are Gnome/GTK icons, this is a KDE based distribution, Gnome/GTK apps can already use the default oxygen icons in KDE if you set it to use them here:

Yes but that’s not why I mentioned this, I actually want to use the icon set with KDE. Anyway, I’ve installed it from “gnome-look” and I’m now using it. Thanks for telling me where to get it from.

If you like Oxymentary you might want the qtcurve theme as well:

Thanks for that but I much prefer “formaN” - very nice theme! :slight_smile:

Not a problem brother, I’m happy that you solved your issue :slight_smile:

And now that I’ve moved over to “Rolling”, the oxymentary icon set is available from AUR :smiley:

Yes it is. :slight_smile: