Pager suddenly got double wide

Yesterday my pager screens suddenly got double wide in the panel. In the morning they were 1 screen wide, like always. In the evening they are double wide. I didn’t do any upgrades since I did the regular upgrade to KDE 5.6 a few days ago. Opening some programs puts the window on the right side of the “screen” and I can’t see it or get to it. I’ve been trying to find some settings that will put this back, but can’t find any. Any ideas or help?


If the pager is double wide then Plasma 5’s kscreen is detecting a secondary display has been attached to the computer. This is to show the extended desktop for each virtual desktop, this is normal. If you didn’t have a second display (VGA, HDMI, Displaypot, etc.) connected then it was a bug. If this has since fixed itself then I wouldn’t worry about it.

It has since fixed itself. Today all desktop pagers are normal. However today it opened by dropping my whole screen resolution down. My widgets disappeared too. I reset the resolution and rebooted and it’s back to normal. I don’t know if this is another bug or if I have hardware that’s starting to go south. We’ll see.

Were you perhaps running a full screen application that may have changed the graphics cards resolution and then crashed?
I’ve had this happen to me a few times in the past, usually with full screen games like Urban Terror and Alien Arena.