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Partition Management / Automounting Local NTFS drives

First I want to thank you again for your work on this distro. I have looked for YEARS for a linux that handled screen fonts nearly as well as Windows and I have finally found one that I consider first rate. Even fonts for programs run in Crossover, which always looked awful for me in the past, look great in Netrunner. I cannot thank you enough!!!

I’ve googled my question but can’t quite figure this out. I still dual-boot and I want to control how my local NTFS drives (I usually have two) are mounted in KDE - and I want them to automount at boot. I understand that fstab can be edited manually but Netrunner does so many other things well I am wondering if I am missing a GUI-based solution. I see discussion that KDEPartitionManager has not been updated in a couple of years, but I found this link stating that it was supposed to have this feature in 2010:

Am I missing something here? The KDE Partition Manager in Netrunner doesn’t appear to allow for the editing of drive mounts, and I hate to play directly with fstab as I am not yet that proficient in Linux.

Can you let me know if there is any solution other than manual editing of fstab?


There is an old application disk-manager which might work for you. Sadly this was removed from the ubuntu repos. I onlz found it in the debian repos. You might want to try installing it from here:

That seems to work great! Thank you very much!

All of a sudden I have lost all ability to see any drives (hard drives or DVD or USB).

I did an update recently(after Aug. 10) and now I cannot install any software (like the disk-manager mentioned above) or any from Muon Discover.

Also I can only LOG OUT and not do a shutdown from the menu. I have to reboot using ‘sudo reboot’ from a terminal.

I had a back-up(clone) using Clonezilla that I made June 30th before my vacation.

I decided to use the back-up(clone) to get Enigma 13-12 to work again.

The clone worked fine and my Enigma 13-12 is back working as it should.

There were just too many things that had gone wrong. The fact that I could not install software was the clincher.

But I am still wondering what went wrong.

Clonezilla has rescued many a system for me… using it is great insurance.

My hard drive has 7 Linuxes on it… no Windows.:shy: