Partitioned? [SOLVED]

I’m just noticing that I might have partitioned my hard drive When I re-installed the Rolling yesterday by mistake. I didn’t mean to do that. Please take a look the disk info attachment, and let me know if I have to reformat this again?

The reason for my confusion is that I installed the same iso on an older laptop that I have, and I only see one partition, and that is Netrunner Root. So I’m hoping that I formatted the hard drive it correctly.

Yes, you let the installer partition and format your hard dive, this doesn’t look right though, we’re you trying to have only one OS installed or we’re you trying to have more than one?

Right now what you have is the default Manjaro (Netrunner Rolling) partitioning for one OS but it looks like you have two boot partitions one for UEFI/GPT and one for Legacy Bios.

If all you want is Netrunner rolling then I would recommend re-installing letting the Installer partition the whole drive and selecting to use a separate home partition (this seems to make the best use of the hard drive space). Don’t forget to re-enable opengl in native mode after the install.

Yes, it was totally wrong, and messed up. I think it had to do with the Windows UEFI/Legacy crap when I installed it last time, because I’m positive that I’d chosen the automatic option when I installed it. Now I just have to put my stuff together, but at least I know what to do now (I think). I have to buy you lunch or dinner one of these days (if I ever see you). You saved me again. :slight_smile: