Password and User Account problem

Just installed Netrunner 64 Rolling and when I try to fill in my User Name and Account details the system hangs with the error message [color=#000080]“System setting not responding”[/color]. “manjaro” is already set in the Name box and I replace that with my own name.

However it still hangs whether I change the name manjaro or not. As it is I have no permissions at all - not even to save when using ‘Kate’

Any help would be much appreciated.

If its only the account details settingspage then there might be a bug in it. Please refer to the commandline tools if you still want to change the fullusername and such.

I don’t know what commands to use in a case like this.

The usermod command can achieve what you want. You can take a look at its manpage

man usermod and some examples here:

Thanks leszek

This is an issue that has already been solved in a prior thread:

The Manjaro KDE edition also has the same problem, here is the easiest way to fix this:
First delete both ~/.kde/share/config/emaildefaults & ~/.kde/share/config/emailidentities then open up Kontact > Settings > Configure Kmail and edit the default profile from there and save, you will now no longer have the issue with System Settings > Account Details > Password & User Account.