PC print server

I have a laserjet 1020(usb) i think a machine which i can place pci wireless card can this be use as a print server using cups in intranet ?

What version of Netrunner are you using?

Well I am using slackware

Every distribution if Linux uses different init systems, versions of applications, and their config files are often stored in different places.

Netrunner standard is based on Kubuntu and Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro.

You will need to seek help on one of the slackware sites: http://www.slackware.com/

But yes what you are asking is possible.

Yes I know netrunner is based on kubuntu as in one of my preious post you told me no matter which distro it is I can ask here as I like the top most part of this community of netrunner they answer precisely and the community is very helpfull.
as you mention the site there is very little documentation on it.
Thanks to uplift me as i was little confused to try though i thought possible at one end but if i know a little yes from people who use linux then i can get into it and check thanks AJ
Hope i can still ask about things regading slackware in this community ?

I believe that slackware uses it’s own hybrid openrc / systemv init system. Ubuntu will be switching from upstart to systemd in the next release, and Manjaro already uses systemd. As long as the answers to your questions are not subject to changes in the init system, run levels or where config files are kept, then by all means ask away. :slight_smile:

Slackware uses the old one init though i switch my self from using debain and family reason of they keep on changing things and I need to learn and give time very time when they change so better place my time once and for all learning slackware reason it doesnt change much. I seen sone one forking --> devuan for debain

I’m not quite sure what you mean by the old one init as there are many init systems:

Systemd is actually a lot more than just an init system anymore however. Since all the major Linux distributions are switching to Systemd, I’d have to recommend at least learning what it encompasses (at the moment), how it all works together, and how to work with it, even if you don’t use it on your personal systems.

Most are switching due to redhat that built up in linux world redhat is like windows :wink: if you know what i mean. About learning I will later once I learn and clear my basics and on slackware no chance it will be comming by Patrick Volkerding.