pc won't recognize my cd player.

I just replaced my Zorin distro with Netrunner 16, which I really like. Having a problem however with my cd player being incognito. I don’t think it’s the OS itself because it does sort of show up. I also don’t find it listed under the “computer” section. It did play one cd for a brief time and now I can’t get it to do it again. I know it’s not the cd player because I have it dual booted with windows 7 where it works great…I went to the VLC help and found absolutely no clue. Any ideas where to go from here>??? :-/

Isn’t the Audio CD appearing in the left hand side panel of dolphins (the filemanager) ?

Yes. I got it to open in Clementine but it just kicks in and out of buffering. I’m going to try to shut everything down and reopen in VLC again. See how that works.

Yeah if you see the tracks in dolphin they are actually virtual and can be ripped as mp3 or ogg or flax files. Trying to play them back would mean ripping and playing at the same time. That could lead to buffering
But you should have also access to the raw audio cd data with cda files which aren’t ripped on playback

Ahhh. I think I’m starting to get it. The problem is that this is way different from anything I’ve ever run into. The tracks do show up in dolphin. How do I differentiate between listening to them or ripping them to the music folder? I think that’s at the root of the problem I’m having.

The .cda files should be the raw audio tracks that won’t get ripped when opening up them.

Aha, I think some of this is starting to get through my thick skull. Which would I use to rip the cd to my music file?

Pretty much all the other ones. Like mp3, flac or ogg

Thanks. I think I’ve got it. Advice much appreciated…

Are you looking for the basic cd player application from KDE:
kscd: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/kscd/

That did it. Thanks much.

Your welcome. :slight_smile: