As another user pointed out, this release pretty much encompasses everything one would need to surf the web and shop securely…One thing that would I would really like to see is the ability to have persistence for booting off a live USB drive instead of the live DVD or fully installing to the HD making it the ultimate portable distro IMO.

 Other than that, great job guys thanks for this release.
  • Jace

Persistence support is build in. But I admit it its not a special version but the normal ubuntu persistence from casper live initrd. Its a little bit complexer to create and use as it would be by simply using a tool.
So if you create a LiveUSB Stick from it, lets say from unetbootin you can with gparted or the kde partitionmanager resize the fat32 partition and create a new partition with the label casper-rw . Then booting the live usb stick with the attached bootoption persistence would load the stick with persistence enabled. So files written in the live system would be written to the casper-rw partition.

Hi leszek, thanx for the response, that’s really great to know. I never used Unetbootin before, I nornally use LiLi USB creator since it also incorporates virtualbox right on the drive in addition to the handy feature of having a number of “compatible” distros linked to their site. I’ve been running Mint installed and Knoppix via live USB; however after just discovering Netrunner and the Netrunner SE version I believe I’ve found my new favorite distro. I am really looking forward to dual booting Netrunner this weekend :slight_smile:
Thank you again for the quick reply :slight_smile:

  • Jace

Can that be done from [size=xx-small]windows[/size]:blush:
When I try to use normal Disk Management tool, it won` let me mess with usb partitions.

P.S. Im back on Netrunner SE because its simply too cool.:slight_smile:

P.P.S. About [size=xx-small]windows[/size], I gotta have because of some tools (AutoCAD…):slight_smile:

No unfortunately windows does not offer this feature out of the box. A third party partitioning application may be able to do this however.

I found the software that allows me to do it, but which options should be careful about?
The rw-casper partition,
FAT32 or EXT3, logical or primary?

Primary ext3 and the label casper-rw

Thanks for quick answer!
Gonna try it now;)


How to make that work? (UEFI issues)

You need the live boot menu for that. Otherwise you have to edit the efigrub config on the usb stick and add the option manually.
On the live boot menu you can press tab to enter bootparameters.

Would you mind explaining me in detail how to edit efigrub config on the usb stick manually, step by step?
I tried adding persistence to bootparameters, and it boots up without any error whatsoever, but nothing gets saved next time I boot (with persistence ofcourse)

Yo tuve siempre con cualquier distribución problemas para instalar desde una memoria USB, por eso ahora lo hago grabando la .ISO en un DVD regrabable y para las netbook uso una lectora externa y de esa forma instalo sin pérdida.:D:D

Hi leszek, thanx for the response, that is extremely nice to understand. I ne’er used Unetbootin before, I nornally use LiLi USB creator since it additionally incorporates virtualbox right the drive additionally to the handy feature of getting variety of “compatible” distros coupled to their web site.

Enjoy it
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