Phone Mockups postsprint

Here are some of the recent ones based on the post-sprint talk about the phone and the direction it was heading. The goal being to make the simplest possible layout combined with saving as much as possible of the edges so that applications can use them.

Essentially the layout is one large column with two static bars (much like android), scrolling downwards reveal installed apps, always with the lower bar hovering on top and scrolling up reveals first notifications and then settings and finally a lockscreen mechanism.
You can also scroll upwards by edge-sliding from the top, skipping the notifications and going straight to settings and a dedicated notifications area.

The bottom bar has three buttons - home, which takes you to the Homescreen (in fact the middle of the column), Open Applications which present a quick switch area with a tiling layout of appwindows and Close which kills the focused app.

Here is the homescreen

Here is when you scroll upwards simply

And what happens when you press the “Open Applications” button on the bottom bar

And here is a wireframe of the idea
The differences between this and the old one is of course that there is no center bar to control things and we have cut down on edge-swiping as much as humanly possible aswell as simplifying the design.