Pidgin systray icon


I have a problem with pidgin messenger. Sytem tray icon should open pidgin contact list window on click, but it doesn’t. I have to right click and select show/hide menu item.
Is there a way to fix this behavior, to bring contacts window on left mouse click ?


I cant get Pidgin to work with Facebook chat.

Both seem to be bugs with Pidgin.

I have same issue with Thunderbird Firetray extension, so I guess it’s more general problem.
Also, in Netrunner 14 pidgin systray icon works fine.

Netrunner 14 used KDE SC 4.14 which uses the old and rusty xembed tray instead of the new modern libappindicator one. I guess the apps like pidgin need better libappindicator support.
And before you ask xembed support isn’t available for Plasma 5

Firetray for both Firefox and Thunderbird works fine under Plasma 5’s system tray.
However, Pidgin currently only has libnotify and Kwalet support via plugins, but no libindicator or libappindicator (sni) support.