Plasma 5

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried Plasma 5 and will it be available for Netrunner Rolling? also when?
It looks really good and is supposed to be smoother, faster and lighter than the existing 4.x desktop.

Ok so Plasma 5 is a release made for dev work mostly. I wouldn’t call it stable enough for daily usage just yet so you might want to hold on to that thought. I DO know though that there are Frameworks 5 packages (the underlying new improvements) in AUR and also Plasma Workspaces 5 as well. BUT I’d say “beware, will eat your hamster”.

5.1 is coming out in three months (the cycle for which will be all about the polish for us in the VDG I know that) so I’d wait a little.

Yeah I would also recommend waiting at least for some applications to support it or be ported to Frameworks 5.

KF5 (version 4,100.0) is available in the stable repositories currently, and Plasma desktop 5 is in the AUR.

If you wish to try these out then you can install them with:
sudo pacman -S kf5 kf5-aids
yaourt -S plasma-desktop

When somebody wish to test plasma 5, here is the preview iso from the independent KaOS:

MD5: 197fbb3fb7ea3c17cdd192e65d97d3f0

Update after the Installation. The .iso comes without Qt4/KDE SC 4 Libs, all what you see is pure plasma 5 and KF5. (Expect the GTK Installer, the default Installation is GTK free as well)

You are able to install the very most KDE SC 4 and Qt4 program’s with pacman/Octopi.

Demm, the main developer of this distribution, run plasma 5 with Octopi and Qupzilla on pure Wayland.

178 mb RAM Usage on a 64 Bit OS is the result of the story. :smiley:

@Shalok Shalom
That’s great except for one thing, it is 64bit only.

That’s great except for one thing, it is 64bit only.[/quote]
I guess Plasma 5 even with all the ressource minimization will run not very well on computers that don’t support 64bit. (as they are mostyl so old that they also ship a crappy graphics hardware) :slight_smile: