plasma crashes

Hello everyone!

I want to use linux/kde/dolhpin (file maganer) - i love it.
Unfounately kde crashes few times per day and this is very uncorfotable.
I checked that this happens on other distro (sparky linux) too.

I Think that the reason can be my integrated graphic from intel (notebook sony vaio), because i found few topics with similary problem. For egzample: (2 / 3 years ago )

I didn’t install any drivers.

How do You think? This is still actually and common problem? Are you know the way to reapir it? possible?

P.S. my english is not near to perfect. I have hope that i didn’t make horrible mistakes.
Best regards! happy new year!

You could try removing the Intel ddx driver by removing the package xserver-xorg-video-intel. It should then switch to use the gallium/modesetting driver by default. For newer Intel cards that might help. This is however a last resort as you should try the other possible solutions in the thread you linked to aswell like changing the compositors OpenGL version and so on.

The post you linked to was an old short lived issue that was fixed over a year ago.

OpenGL for both the Intel as well as the modesetting driver is handled by Mesa.
Changing the Intel driver from using SNA (the Intel driver default) to UXA or even better, Glamor (the modesetting driver default) would probably help if this is graphics related.

More information about your system is needed.
Also, is this random or can you track this to a specific system and/or user action?

Note: while some suggest the modesetting driver, it can cause other issues itself like this: