Plasma Desktop Shell - The KDE Crash Handler

The bad news is that my system still crashes once in a while. The good news is that it doesn’t freeze any more like before when it does crash. When it crashes, I report the crash and close it. Hopefully it will eventually get fixed by reporting it over and over again. I also use dual monitor. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not

This happened during restart.
Here’s the crash message:
Plasma Desktop Shell - The KDE Crash Handler
We’re sorry, plasma Desktop Shell closed unexpedetedly.
You can help us improve KDE Software by reporting this error.
Executable: plasma-desktop PID: 3187 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 09/13/14 10:33:19 PM

Reporting the error without the necessary debugging info is useless.
The second tab of that error messagebox will inform you of how useful the info collected about the crash is.
It also should offer you a link that helps improving that error debugging info.
You could try following that if you really want to get down to the source of that problem.

First lets see if this is the issue, hit alt+shift+f12 to temporarily disable desktop effects, then go into System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects > Advanced, next change Composting Type to OpenGL X,X and QT Graphics System to Native, now press apply.

If the crash continues then try removing one monitor for a day (I know this is going to be hard to do), and see if the crash continues. If it doesn’t crash then plug it back in and go into System Settings > Display > Size and Orientation and fix it the way you like it, next go to the bottom of the window and select save as default.

I only have the following choices on Comosing type:
X Render, Open GL3.1, Open GL2, and Open GL1.2.
So I have set it on X Render, and Qt graphics system to Native. I’ll run it for a while, and see how if I get any error, and I’ll also report the details on the second tab.

I was trying to get away from software rendering and setting it to native does this, however xrender is not the best choice because it has very little features. Your on board Intel chip supports opengl 4.0 and your nvidia GeForce GT 640/5 cards supports opengl 4.3/4.4 respectfully. so I would set it to opengl 3.1.

Netrunner sets the graphics to the lowest setting by default to make it more compatible with older hardware.

I did that, and so far so good. I have restarted several time, as well as totally shutting it down, and turning it back on, and … no problem at all. I’ve also noticed, I no longer see these wired micro second flickering when I turn the computer back on the second screen. I’ll report back in a week or so.

As always you guys are the best in the business bar none, and specaily you. :slight_smile:
Thank you,