Plasmashell Crash After Install [Solved]

The install for 17 went well in the Virtualbox I’m using on 14 although it takes a very long time for the graphics to start( black screen even after I know the system is running). I do get a repeating plasmashell crash.
Please see the attached screenshot.

Do you have 3d support activated in the virtual machine?
Try to toggle that switch to see if it changes anything.

Hmm, I activated 3d support for the VM and started 17. It misbehaved badly. I could not back click on anything and the bottom menu bar completely disappeared. It then aborted operation. I then de-activated 3d support and restarted 17 and it is working fine/starting much faster now.

of note The host machine(Netrunner 14) received an update that included VM updates between using 3d activated and de-activating 3d. I wonder if that made any difference?

Anyway, 17 seems to be responding well. I’m going to use it quite a bit and will report any possible problems that I encounter.