Playback device does not work falling back to default

I have an ASUS Essence STX and when I execute a root command or for example format a
USB drive, I get the error message ‘Playback device does not work falling back to default’

The sound still works afterwards, but was just wondering and seeing as the card is connected to
a power lead to the PSU, should I be concerned. This error also applies to Frontier & Rolling.

Thanks in advance - Steve

It might be that an other process is at that second blocking the soundcard and so this dialog appears. I guess you can just ignore it. And there should be an option to not show this warnings in the future.

Question, are you using sudo or su to execute root commands and/or format a USB drive?

sudo elevates your account to a super user state (administrator), which is much safer that becoming root.

su switches users, if you switch to root then in this situation that could potentially cause root to be taking control of the sound device, depending on how pulse audio and alsa are set up.

Thanks leszek & AJSlye

I am using KDE and going through Root actions- Open if file manager! As for pulse and Alsa, I have not made any changes form the installation!

In that case it is normal. Just ignore that message. The root soundserver phonon noticed only that your normal user has already an phonon soundserver running.