Please don't preinstall Wine and PlayOnLinux

Please don’t preinstall Wine and PlayOnLinux. For a lot of people it is useless.
If someone want it, the installation is easy.

I disagree. While I do not use Wine or PlayOnLinux either, I appreciate the fact that Netrunner includes some extra software. They can never make everyone happy, so they should just do their thing.

I appreciate too that Netrunner includes some extra software but wine is a particular software. It can allow linux to install windows viruses :

And it’s not so easy to remove it (“sudo apt-get remove wine” don’t work). So I think this kind of software shouldn’t be installed by default.

so far Snowden did not leak anything about a NSA Wine virus. Seems we’re kinda safe on that front

No need “NSA Wine virus” just a simple Windows virus can be installed…

I would insist to have Wine + PlayOnLinux Preinstalled:

Two reasons:

  • If you fear, to become a Windows-Virus, you first have to be curious about “how does i gets acces to my System?!”. After that question answered, you would agree, that Linux-Viruses would run better; wouldn’t you?
    ( Even Linux-Systems aren’t Virusproof, the comunity is simply very self-confident to make it hard for virus-acceses - what’s runnung on your system has all capabillities of 08/15-malware.)

  • The Beginners for Kubuntusystems are very well targeted, a Pro could uninstall it anyway, i he doesn’t want it.
    For Example: My friend stuck with Win, because of his games and applications. I’d shown him Kubuntu - it impressed but not convinced him :“There will be the time, I could change…” although he hates Window$ from pure heard. BUT THEN I’D HIM THE NETRUNNER-SPECLIST… He jumped on it liturally, installed Netrunner that hour (no joke!) and din’t even noticed that hir Girl visited us that evening … :wink: Since a Week (it just happened) he converted fully to the Church of Torvals, and probably never wants to look back…
    –> The mélange of Kubuntu (I know, Netrunner is better :wink: ), Wine, PlayOnLinux AND STEAM (!!) was the superior argument…

You may dissagree, but - let’s be frankly about that - the Distros like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Netrunner (…) are designed in first place to collect new Linuxers. As long as Linux has a too small userbase, there will never be the future system we strive for. That’s why there is so much eyecandy in the Ubuntu-ish systems …
Think about !

One thing about viruses: (If you where so concerned)

The NSA & Co wants to control the Infatructure, not your PC - which system is to hack to achive that?
–> The servers which connects your PC to or with anything.

What system is running on this tin (in 80% cases) ??
–> Linux!

'–> Someone who wants youd money is infecting your PC; someone who wants to control you will 100% for certain infect Linuxsystems …

This way, there is no concern over >No Wndow$, No control< … they have linux-viruses for absolute sure, because they must: Everyone with high security concerns uses Linux, even the Three-Letter-Agencys them selves!

I know this should be its own thread… and we have to do something in those directions…
[ Ok, completly off-topic now. :s ]

Heads up, Guys!

Greetings, Anopheles.