Please fix Firefox wallpaper set feature

In Firefox the right-click menu on an image lets you set it as a desktop background (wallpaper). However this feature works only in Gnome and Unity, but not in KDE Plasma Desktop. AFAIK, the fix for this was lately introduced in Rosa Desktop Fresh distro.
It would be great if someone could port this in Firefox in Netrunner.

You may want to look at src.rpm.

Which do you have installed, Firefox (upstream repository) or Firefox-KDE (blueshell repository/PPA)?

I’m not sure. I have default Firefox which is included in Netrunner 14 Frontier 64-bit.
So you say Firefox-KDE is better?

Since I always wanted this feature as well but there was never a hook from KDE Plasma to allow installing wallpapers even from the dolphin filemanager, I wonder if and how ROSA has accomplished this from within Firefox under KDE… any video or link for that the RPM has this ability and where to possibly get the source code?

I just advised the Rosalab wiki and they say that not only Firefox, but also KMozillaHelper and some parts of KDE were patched. The source package of patched Firefox is already here (see above), and here is the upstream patch for KDE: