Possible typo?

I’ve just noticed on the Netrunner home page there’s mention of “Rolling 2014.0[color=#FF0000]8[/color]” but when I go to the downloads page, it’s “Rolling 2014.0[color=#FF0000]4[/color]”. Is this a typo?

That’s good question, looking at the server those ISO’s never got updated to 2014.08.

However with that said, it really doesn’t mater that much since it’s a rolling release and just a sudo pacman -Syyuu away from being current, now if they do wait too long, it could become an issue if there any major system changes in the interim.

Perhaps it might be a good idea if someone contacted the server admin and pointed this out.

I think we have already reached that point with iso 2014.04. Having tried to install it on a new laptop last week. Not so much a major issue but a number of little ones. I finally gave up and loaded Manjaro KDE 0.8.11pre2.

Well, not quite, what I meant by major system changes are things like when they changed the graphics stack, the move to systemd. or when the file structure changed (/bin /sbin and /usr/sbin to /usr/bin), etc.

However, unless you look at the Readme Rolling Tutorial from the web site (http://www.netrunner-os.com/readme-arch/) or read this forum post (http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=13888) before you try to update for the fist time, then yes you could run into issues.

My experience differs. Following the process outlined in the references you site, still does not result in a fully functional, problem free installation. I have done it several times, in real hardware and virtual machines in the last week.

The most visible issue is the MariaDB update. This will still break kmail/akonadi. There are other minor glitches as well.

Yes, one can work through the issues following the procedures that have been posted and documented over time.

The point is that a new ISO would not have these issues. Issues we are only dealing with because it has been too long since the last ISO and there are too many big steps.

It is time for a new ISO.

I can name at least one problem that still exists on the the latest Manjaro KDE ISO:
I wonder why this just can’t seem to be fixed on the install medias?

I do however agree that they should update the Netrunner Rolling ISO’s more often, maybe even shortly after every Manjaro KDE Release ISO (0.8.9, 0.8.10. 0.8.11, etc.) Those of us that already have an installed system can just keep rolling along as always, but it would make installing it easier on new users.

For the kmail user name problem, I found that I create my accounts and identities and then go back and delete the default account. I have not tried the method in the thread you referenced.

I think that this is may also be a KDE PIM problem as well. I just spent a bunch of time investigating backing up and migrating KDE PIM data including setting up several VMs to test it all. My impression in the end is that most developers and testers are not testing from new installations but testing changes and updates. There is also a lack of comprehensive documentation on most Linux software. For example, creating a new blank address book in Kontact. Everything I tested was tied to the premise of importing an existing address book or pointing to a corporate resource like an LDAP database.

It is a tough balancing act to create and maintain a distro. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect distro. I haven’t used Debian for many years, but I remember the old ncurses installer that would let you select packages by groupings and then let you select or deselect every package to be installed. I liked that flexibility, but today’s reviews would scream murder at that many choices. Somehow we expect to click install and have a perfect system with just the applications we prefer. The telepathic Linux distro, click install and it reads your mind and builds your perfect system :slight_smile:

Linux distros have come a long way in the 20 years or so since I chose Linux as my primary operating system. Manjaro and Netrunner are simply the finest I have ever used, even with their idiosyncrasies, minor glitches and frustrations.

It is indeed a typo as the current ISOs were delayed due to a bug and will most likely be then called 2014.09 as we already have september.