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Predictable Network Interface Names

before time immemorial I changed something…

My install is using the old kernel-based network interface naming scheme. Now I want predictable names again. Pretty sure I’ve followed the guidelines but no dice.

  • How do I debug this? How can I get insight into where/when the interfaces are being named?
  • Does Netrunner do anything unusual I should know? Like, following guides for Debian/Ubuntu should work, right?

I came across something that said to update-initramfs… Is it possible the interfaces are named before I get to /etc/systemd/network/ NamePolicy=path? Am I even executing /etc/systemd/network/

I will, if defensively, point out I now record such changes as I make them, :frowning:

We don’t do anything special. You should be able to follow Debians guide from here: