Print doesn't work

sorry, I don’t speak well english.

J’ai installé la NETRUNNER ROLLING. Je découvre le système et tout marche bien, sauf avec mon imprimante.
Elle est bien reconnue (je la vois dans la liste des imprimantes disponibles), je la vois lorsque je passe par CPUS, je vois la liste des travaux qui ont été lancés pour imprimer sauf que rien ne s’imprime.
Je suis vraiment perdu.
Mon imprimante est une CANON MX495. Il n’y a pas de driver spécial pour elle, mais en passant par “Generic”, elle est détectée.
Quelqu’un aurait une solution?

While the standard generic driver can be made to work with this printer, just do a google search for canon mx495 arch linux.

However, you would be better off installing canon’s own filter drivers and scanergearmp for this Canon All-In-One printer:

These drivers for both the printer and scaner re available in the AUR:

NOTE: You will need to edit the pkgbuild during install and change the heimdal-aur dependency with heimdal. Hopefully Ayceman will fix his AUR entry for this soon. Alternatively you can install dpkg from the aur and download the latest DEB packages from Canon and install them using dpkg.

thanks for your answer.
the 1st link : that’s what I’ve done. I’ve downloaded it (the sources) but I can’t do anything wiht it.
I’ve searched the right commands but … I can’t
Importante note : I’m an absolute beginner in the “Linux world”. I’ve tested few distributions and installed some (Ubuntu, Xubutu, Kubuntu, Trisquel, Debian, Manjaro and now Netrunner)

2nd link : you said that I can install a DEB package in Netrunner ??

You don’t download the sources, you would just use yaourt or octopi to install these. When asked to edit the pkgbuild you would need to select yes, and enter kate or nano as the editor and change heimdal-aur to heimdal, save and continue the install.

Yes, you can use both RPM and DEB packages on arch, however this is not the recommended method for installing packages.
I just figured since the versions on Canon’s site are newer than those available in the AUR it might be worth a shot. :wink:

For DEB packages you can use dpkg to install them or use the debtap script to convert them to arch packages and install them manually with pacman -U {package name}

(Thank for the time you spend with me)
There’s an error and I can’t find it. I copy the Konsole lines :

[code]$ yaourt -Sb cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64

==> Téléchargement du PKGBUILD de cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 depuis AUR…
milkmiruku commented on 2013-01-30 08:42
Hmm. I’m getting;

[Job 173] /usr/local/bin/cifmp495: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

with no printout. i also get;

[Job 179] /usr/local/bin/lgmonmp495: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any ideas? Ta.

milkmiruku commented on 2013-01-30 09:48
(Both exist in /usr/lib64/ and are linked to from /usr/lib/)

idetrimental commented on 2014-01-15 18:55 is down so the soruce cant be found.

dmp1ce commented on 2015-01-30 19:46
I am getting the error below.

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
cnijfilter-common-x86_64: /usr/lib64 exists in filesystem

apol commented on 2016-01-28 19:34
I’m getting an error:
error: target not found: heimdal-aur

Any idea what happened with it?

cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 3.40-2 (2015-06-25 12:53)
( Paquet non supporté : peut être dangereux ! )
==> Éditer PKGBUILD ? [O/n] (“A” pour annuler)
==> ------------------------------------------
==> O

Merci d’ajouter $VISUAL à vos variables d’environnement.
par exemple :
export VISUAL=“vim” (dans ~/.bashrc)
(remplacez vim par votre éditeur favori)

==> Éditer PKGBUILD avec : kate

==> Dépendances de cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 :

  • libcups (déjà installé)
  • popt (déjà installé)
  • ghostscript (déjà installé)
  • libtiff (déjà installé)
  • cnijfilter-common-x86_64 (compilation depuis AUR)
  • libpng12 (paquet trouvé)
  • heimdal (compilation depuis AUR)

==> Éditer PKGBUILD ? [O/n] (“A” pour annuler)
==> ------------------------------------------
==> O

==> Dépendances de cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 :

  • libcups (déjà installé)
  • popt (déjà installé)
  • ghostscript (déjà installé)
  • libtiff (déjà installé)
  • cnijfilter-common-x86_64 (compilation depuis AUR)
  • libpng12 (paquet trouvé)
  • heimdal (compilation depuis AUR)

==> Lancer la compilation de cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 ? [O/n]
==> --------------------------------------------------------
==> O

==> Construction et installation du paquet
==> Installation/compilation des dépendances manquantes pour cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64:
==> Compilation de libpng12 depuis les sources.

==> Récupération du PKGBUILD et fichiers locaux…
==> community/libpng12: Télécharge l’archive abs

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
==> Relancer la compilation de cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64 ? [o/N]
==> ---------------------------------------------------------[/code]

I’ve repleaced with Kate the “heimdal-aur” instruction by “heimdal” like you said
I’ve searched the URL and I didn’t find an error, both are OK


Yes, don’t use the b switch, Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) is not compatible with ABS (Arch Build System).

yaourt -S cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64

Also, I made a typo in my other post, there are two l’s in heimdall, this is already available in the repo’s.
heimdall - Tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices

ok, with :

$ yaourt -S cnijfilter-mp495-x86_64

it works differently but the result is the same : doesn’t work.

(you wrote heimdal not heimdall the first time :wink: )

etc etc etc

I’ve stopped, it’s turning round and round and round… and round. Always the same questions.

erreur : la validation de la transaction a échoué (conflit de fichiers) : :s

I think it’s too hard for me.

Since 1995, I have a Windows system. When it came to W10, I thought “it’s the right time to go” :wink:
I’ve planed : 2016 will be the “test year”, with GNU/Linux (at the 1st boot) and W$ on a 2nd HD, and 2017, no more W$.
Still 8 months to understand a lot of things…

If it’s already present in the filesystem it will not install. You’ll need to figure out what installed these files and remove them first.

I’ve deleted the files that were already present in my system, re-install them with the instructions up above and still nothing happened.
I can see her name in my CPUS interface but she’s still “inactive”.
It’s really out of my capacity to understand, I will continue, for the moment, to print with W10.
Thank you :wink:

Is your printer connected via usb or a network connection. If network you can not use the auto detected DNS-SD entry and will need to manually enter the printers IP address.

sorry, it doesn’t work.
I’ve found a new distro : UbuntuStudio and I like it.
I take pictures, I make some films (of my family :wink: ) and I want to play music again, like in my youth…
It’s perfect for me.
Thanks for your help