Problem adding new user

just installed it on a friend’s laptop, plasma 5 looks awesome!

But there is a problem: When I add a new user (besides the one the installer created) things get messy: There is no sound for this user and youtube videos play for only a few seconds and then stop with an error message. Everything works fine with the default user. I think it is a problem with user&group rights using hardware, but I cannot find the settings for this anywhere.

Could somebody please help me set up a second user that works a well as the default one?

Thanks in advance!

Please make sure that no other user account and application running there is blocking the audio device.
Youtube stopping after a few seconds is probably because the browser has no access to the soundcard and so it stops playback after trying for a few times to access the soundcard.

I tested creating a new user on a freshly installed system and it works fine by default when using the user manager in systemsettings to create the user.

Okay, I found the problem: I kept the old home folder of the user from a kde4 system on another laptop and some of the settings there were causing this. I renamed the folder and let plasma create a new one, now everything works.