Problem Changing Cursor Style

I have downloaded several Top Rated custom cursors from within the cursor settings window and they all do the same thing. The cursor changes to the custom cursor when hovering over a window. But as soon as you cursor back to the desktop, it reverts to the standard cursor.

I made a movie of it. But RecordMyDesktop only seems to record in its own format. So I don’t know how to upload it to YT.

EDIT: I may have gotten it uploaded… but it needs to process.

I guess its some kind of caching method that interferes here.
Is the mouse cursor theme still having the problem after you relogin (logout and login again) ?

Ok… yah… that worked. But when I logged back in, I went to click on dolphin and the whole screen blinked and I got the following as seen in the attached screenshot:

EDIT: after closing the prompt, the HP icon went away in the panel, as well.

That is another problem coming from the hplip package you installed in the other thread.
It should show up in autostart settings in systemsettings. Just deactivate it from there.
Seems like the tray icon from the hp tool is using legacy xembed tray icons which aren’t supported by plasma 5 anymore.

Yah… I rebooted and it came up again.

What are the steps to making this stop? I looked under printer settings and couldn’t find anything.

Hplip gui has supported indicators for a long time, this is NOT an xembed Issue.

Anyways its a sperate issue and should be discussed in the appropriate thread for hplip or a new one. (also for the sake of others that might run into that problem)

Agreed, this sounds more like a plasma desktop crashing and not reloading everything properly issue. However, both of these issues could possibly be related if it is related to the graphics driver and/or compositor setting.