Problem launching game Borderlands 2...

I recently discovered that Borderlands 2 would no longer start when clicking “Play” in Steam. A window would briefly flash on the screen [right after clicking “Play”], which I believe stated something along the lines of “preparing to launch.” Then nothing more happened… It has been several months since I last played Borderlands 2, so I am not sure when the issue actually arose.

I also found the solution online with a little searching. Adding the following line to the Steam launch options for the game rectified the problem.

SSL_CERT_DIR="/etc/ssl/certs" LD_PRELOAD='./$LIB/' %command%

But it leaves me with a few questions. That line is apparently two separate commands. The first I believe is telling the game that SSL Certs are located in a different path from the default in Ubuntu. And I think the second is pre-loading a needed library. Please correct me if I’m mistaken on any of this.

My most immediate question is: why would any of this have changed? Borderlands 2 used to start without any launch option parameters. And secondly, from reading a little online, it appears the second command is generally needed when using open source video drivers. I have always been using the proprietary nVidia drivers [as far as I am aware].

Just trying to learn and gain some understanding. Thanks for any info!