Problem of Splash screen i need a file thnx

Hello Everydoy ,
I installed Netrunner 17, but when i click on test splashscreen it’s appear : Failed to succeful test splash screen (Both The netrunner black X and Blue X). I verified the file splash.qml for blue X (/usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.netrunner-blue-x.desktop/contents/splash/) and i found it empty. so i need the two file of blue x and black x splash screen format qml. Thanks a lot.

Screenshot :

I get the same thing as well

They are indeed empty as no splashscreen should be set for both.

Any solution ? :frowning:

What should we do ? :-/

If you want a different Splashscreen just set one in systemsettings. (Should be under appearance somewhere. Or just search for splashscreen)

But when I try the two netrunner Splashscreens under Settings and Workspace behaviour I get that error as first described

As I said we don’t ship netrunner splashscreens. They might show up there as they are expected by the Look and Feel package.