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problem with display

right now i am running netrunner on a hp x360 with resolution of 1366 X 768. i tried a live flash drive on my lenovo yoga 3 which has a resolution of 1900 X 1080. it works, but everything is so small it really is not usable. to read most pages you have to look very close or use a magnifing glass. is there a solution to this problem? thanks

You have a scaling option for all elements in systemsettings -> display -> displays or if it’s only fonts you want to make bigger try setting a higher dpi in systemsettings font settings.

i did the scaling setting. it made everything normal except now the display does not reach the edges of the screen. could not find a way around that. anyway linux mint works really good so i think i will stick with it. thanks for reply

i found that going to the display setting in settings i can scroll down and reset the resolution to what works good. i hadn’t scrolled down before because i didn’t notice that option.
thanks for the help